Send Documents and Webpages to your Kindle in 1 click!

When reading long documents or articles on the web, this can often be difficult.
Some people will choose not to read the document, or will choose to print this off for easier reading.

Printing these documents out wastes paper and is harmful to the environment.
The Amazon Kindle is perfect for reading on with it's non-reflective, high contrast e-ink screen and is easy on the eyes - Great for longer content! gives you an easy and convenient method to send longer documents and web pages to your Kindle.
In just one click from within your browser window, you can convert the page into a Kindle friendly format and directly deliver it to your Kindle for free.

Want to save eye straining and want to save some paper? - Sign up now - FREE!

How it Works!

  • 1) Add a special bookmark to your browser
  • 2) When you are on a site that you want to send to your Kindle, click the bookmark
  • 3) The document will appear on your kindle with all the irrelevant text removed for easy reading!

Full detailed instructions after Sign up!!